PFI Reef Spearfishing Course

Our newest and most exhilarating course - Reef Spearfishing. This course is designed to maximize your success in the exciting world of spearfishing. Learn from our seasoned team of divers and spearfisherman the skills and techniques to make you an effective underwater hunter.


The Reef Spearfishing Course is geared more towards structure and terrain hunting. 

Whether you are a seasoned underwater hunter or just getting into the sport, you will leave this course with the skills necessary to be a more successful, safe, Effective and ethical hunter.

This course is for certified freedivers wishing to learn the fundamentals of proper breath-hold spearfishing to increase techniques, safety & awareness, and enjoyment. Specially designed to suit the unique waters and conditions of Trinidad and Tobago

What will you learn?


● The History of Spearfishing

●Spearfishing Ethics and in-born hunting

●Selectiveness and Conservation

●Safety and Problem management

●Freediving Equipment for Spearfishing

●Spearfishing Gear and rigging

●Freediving Technique for Spearfishing

●Spearfishing Hunting Techniques

●Spearfishing Locations


●Weather and Sea Conditions

Is this course for you?

• You’re interested in learning the fundamental techniques of spearfishing
• You’re a certified freediver
• You want to spearfish safely
• You want to improve your entry techniques while spearfishing
• You want to spearfish more successfully

• You want to spear more and better fish


  • 2 day course
  • Classroom session
  • Open water session


  • Certified PFI Freediver level or higher (Equivalent certification from other agencies recognized)
  • Good health and fitness– See PFI Medical Form
  • 16 years of age or 10 years of age with guardian permission

Required Equipment:

  • Mask, snorkel, fins, preferable freediving specific but not required
  • Appropriate wetsuit or other protection
  • Weight belt and weights


Cost includes

  • Personalized instruction from highly trained Spearfishing specialists.
  • A student-to-instructor ratio of no more than four:one
  • Classroom sessions with detailed knowledge development taught by freediving experts
  • Classroom water sessions
  • Open water sessions
  • Hands-on experience with specialty freediving and spearfishing equipment
  • Certification card
  • Boat costs