About us

The Outdoor, Freediving, Spearfishing has always been in the blood of Out and Under for decades. With its origins being shared among long time hunters, spearos and divers alike. With the combined decades and experience of its founders, the goal and vision of the company is to provide the best of what every sport has to offer with only tried and tested products from around the world that are always proven to perform.

The company started officially in 2013 under the name Rob Allen Trinidad being the sole distributor for the Rob Allen brand of spearfishing equipment. Soon it was realized that the sport of spearfishing has many reputable brands that each specialize in various categories of gear. With the involvement of dozens of brands from Europe, US and many other regions, the company has grown to cover all aspects of the sport of Spearfishing and Freediving by carrying the best in each category of item as is also used by the best around the world.

After years of perfecting and expanding the Spearfishing aspect of the business, it was time to explore the untapped market of knives and outdoor equipment. The Outdoor division was then born. It first started with the German knife maker F Dick and soon expanded to world renown companies like Condor, Morakniv and We Knife. 

In 2022 we rebranded to Out and Under, a name that perfectly reflects the aspects of the company and its offerings. We research, review, test and evaluate various products from around the world in order to deliver top notch products to our customers with no expenses spared. We are retailers and wholesalers of top quality products and we have the capability and the connections to provide products for any application our customers desire. 

What you will find here is guaranteed to work, last and outperform among the best there is and we promise that our line of products will always be many steps ahead.