Jak Boeno Thermoskin Dark Wetsuit

The latest Thermoskin wetsuit tailored by Jak Boeno

Neoprene: Yamamoto

Cut: High waist pants

Thickness: 3mm

Ultra-stretchy, compression resistant and toasty warm.

Back in the day when people were promoting their books, Jak was on the forums giving his knowledge away for free.  This same ethos is evident throughout his product range.  Opting for quality over profitability.  From the stitching to the final design, the quality of the finish is evident as soon as you hold one in your hands.  The pictures really don’t do them just and we encourage you to pop in and see for yourself if you’re passing.

An environmentally conscious purchase

Yamamoto is a limestone-based neoprene not an oil based one.  Amongst other things this means that it uses far less energy to harvest the raw materials and create.  Furthermore, the Yamamoto factory in Japan is powered by 100% renewable energy.  If you are as passionate about our planets future as we are, then this will weigh heavily on your purchasing decision.

Moulds to your body!

This wetsuit material has a memory and over time actually moulds to the curves and contours of your body resulting in a snugger fit.  As we know, the better fitting the wetsuit, the warmer it is.  As if you didn’t need more of an excuse to go spearfishing more often 


These suits are known for absorbing less water, drying faster and being more effective against wind chill than traditional neoprene wetsuits.  They also use nitrogen bubbles in its inner core to create an improved insulation heat barrier.